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Visionary Collective

I found this to be a good group of genuine forex traders that make real money, just in case anyone is interested: They cost a monthly fee but one can make it up from trades.

PM me if you need any details.

ATR Ratio - VertexFX Indicator

ATR Ratio (Average True Range Ratio) is a VertexFX Client Side VTL Indicator. It plots the ratio between a long-term ATR and a short-Term ATR. ATR is a measurement of market volatility, when the price trend is strong, ATR values rise and consolidation is marked by low ATR values. ATR ratio shows the present market volatility in relation to long term market volatility. It is calculated by dividing the short term ATR with Long term ATR. ATR Ratio above one indicates the current market volatility is higher.
How to Use ATR Ratio Indicator

Bollinger Bands High Low - VertexFX Indicator

Bollinger Bands High Low (BB HL) indicator is a finetuned version of the Standard Bollinger Bands indicator. Bollinger Bands defines and plots an upper band and lower band within which most of the price bars are confined. The calculation of Bollinger bands is based on a short term moving average that determines the trend. The upper and lower bands are two standard deviations away from the base moving average. Standard Bollinger Bands uses the closing price of each candle in its calculation. In this refined Bollinger bands High Low indicator, the upper band is based on the standard deviation of candle high and lower band is based on the standard deviation of candle low, instead of the candle close used in standard Bollinger bands.

DAX: Searching for Clarity Amid Deutsche Bank Ordeal

Strong surge last Friday has been followed by choppier trading while market awaits Deutsche deal.

EUR/GBP Technical Analysis: Bearish Reversal Hints Return

The Euro is showing early signs of topping once again after rising to the highest level in five years against the British Pound.

Bobbys Corner-Open Market-Oct.10.2012

Good Morning:

A fairly lackluster overnight session-with the majors showing no real activity.

Fitch Ratings commented that the US fiscal cliff, EU crisis, and a potential “hard landing” for the Chinese economy will be
a risk to the global economy.  Thanks-I think we knew that!

Mirror Trader Webinar with Ophir Schultz Wednesday May 16, 2012 1:00 PM

We are pleased to announce a special Mirror Trader Webinar. Bill Lawless, FXDD’s Head of Sales and Shawn Powell, from FXDD Business Development will host Tradency’s Global Business Manager, Ophir Schultz, Wednesday May 16, 2012 1:00 PM. This online class will feature training information on the new FXDD Mirror Trader MT4 plug in for automated trading. You will have the opportunty to ask the three trainers questions live during the class. Also if you register for the class, you will get the recording emailed to you after the class ends. Here is the link to register

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