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Parity Party

sOnly last year, the idea that the Australian Dollar would ever reach parity with the USD was laughable. Then, earlier this year, it became plausible. Now, according to an informal poll of analysts, it is not only possible, but likely. AUD bulls should look no further than the rapid surge in commodity prices, which may boost the total value of Australian exports by 20%, including a 30% rise in its commodity exports. In short, the Australian economy has boomed, and inflation is slowly creeping up. The consensus among economists is that the Royal Bank of Australia will leave its benchmark lending rate unchanged at 7.25% for the duration of the year. At the very least, it won't lower rates, which is all analysts need to believe in order to get behind its currency. Bloomberg News reports:

"There could be some parity parties going on,'' said a currency strategist in Sydney at RBC, a unit of
Canada's largest bank. "The RBA...[has] given a green light for the market to
push the currency higher."

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