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Vietnam Devalues Dong

The Central Bank of Vietnam has effectively devalued its national currency, the Dong, to bring it in line with market fundamentals. Pressure had been building under the Dong due to soaring inflation, currently estimated at 25%. While 2% devaluation was small in itself, it caps a 5% drop in the currency since March 25. In addition, the move showed just  how seriousness Vietnam is about restoring macroeconomic stability. Unfortunately, Vietnam's balance of trade is probably deteriorating faster than it can be repaired, which means the Dong may slide much further. The black market exchange rate is estimated at 18,000:1, compared to the official rate of 16,461:1. Non-deliverable forward contracts imply a 30% depreciation in the Dong in the next year. The Guardian reports:

Fitch Ratings, which lowered its ratings outlook on Vietnam
to negative from stable in May, said policy responses have been
too slow and too small to deal with the economic pressures.

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