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QE Programme

QE programme-
The world markets have been witness either unwanted buying rally or unwanted selling rally but credit agencies has interpreting according market trend rather market trend going through agencies views.
According my point of view we are capable to improve our economy if we had neglect stimulus packages. I strongly opposed stimulus since 2010 or earlier. This kind of stimulus not only harm for economic activities but higher risk to money market and especially to currency market .
USA market is out performed during one year due to QE programme and this programme spreading artificial buying across the world in broader market but specific sectors are all time low or many years low. Currency market of various country are going through heavy fluctuation and this currency fluctuation destroying economic condition and hope of recovery .
USA is the solo Investing country in world economy today and all economy taking tip-off form USA this is a very serious concern for world economy despite US economy have QE programme benefited and US economic condition is also like world market .