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3rd Generation MA

Third Generation Moving Average is a Client Side VTL indicator. It is an advanced version of the standard moving average (MA), which implements a rather simple lag-reducing procedure based on the longer MA period. The method was first described by Dr. Mafred Durschner. Moving averages are supposed to smooth data and to remove noise and useless information. Multiple moving average variants are used widely, for example Simple Moving Average (SMA) or Exponentially Moving Average (EMA). One challenge is that moving averages introduce a lag, i.e. the smoothed curve follows the trend usually later. 3rd generation MA reduces the lag and follows price trends closely.

Fixed Spread Account at Hotforex. Is It Possible?

Hey guys,
Just wanted to ask you a broker-related question.
I'm messed up with calculating my trading costs with floating and fixed spreads on HF accounts but what I really need to know does fixed spread account also rules out slippage? Or I will still be getting affected with it?

Outside Bar - VertexFX

Outside Bar is a Client Side VTL Indicator to mark outside bars on chart. The indicator plots two arrows above and below the outside bar. Outside bar is bar that has a higher high and lower low than the preceding bar. It is a short-term expansion in price range or volatility. Outside bars form at the end of a trend and on breakout moves from consolidation in a trending period. Trader must use a discretionary approach in picking the outside bar setups for trading. In a trading range outside bars breakouts may be false signals.

Inside Bars - VertexFX

Inside Bar is a Client Side VTL indicator to identify Inside Bars in chart and marks the them on chart by a down arrow above the Inside Bar and an up arrow below the Inside Bar. The inside bar is a two candle price action setup. The Inside Bar is defined as a candle whose high is less than the high of prior bar and low is greater than the prior bar. It is a bar that is completely contained within the range of the preceding bar, also known as the “mother bar”. An inside bar formed on a Daily chart will sometimes look like a triangle pattern on lower timeframes such as one-hour chart. An inside bar indicates a time of indecision or consolidation.

Pinbar Detector - VertexFX VTL Script

Pinbar Detector is a client side VTL indicator to detect Pinbars and marks them by placing up arrow below bullish Pinbar and down arrow above bearish Pinbar. The Pinbar formation is a price action reversal pattern that shows that a certain level or price point in the market was rejected. The Pinbar is a bar with a long upper or lower “tail” and a much smaller “body”. The image below shows the Pinbar anatomy for Bullish and Bearish Pinbars.

Shorting the Turkish Lire

Obviously, post coup and recent S&P downgrade, the Turkish lire will fall at least for the next few weeks.

So, taking a leaf out of Soros' book, could I short the lira?

I'm assuming there are controls against this sort of thing forbidding amateur investors from engaging in this sort of behaviour but I'm curious to hear about currency speculation.

Guppy Multiple MA - Short Term VertexFX Indicator

Guppy Multiple Moving Average – Short (GMMA Short) is Client Side VTL Indicator. It is a set of five shot term exponential moving averages of period 3, 7, 10, 12 and 15. GMMA Short is used to identify and trade the short term trend. Single moving average and price cross over strategies are associated with many choppy trades. GMMA short with five short term moving averages is able to eliminate such choppy cross over. When all the moving averages are moving upward, a short term uptrend is in place and in a down trend, all the six moving averages move downward. In trading ranges, the averages are placed close together, when the trend is strong, they depart from each other and slope in the direction of the trend. See the image attached.

Psychological Indicator - VertexFX

Psychological Indicator is a client side VTL indicator. It is based on the relations ship between closing price of each bar within the indicator calculation period. It calculates the percentage of bars that close above previous candle close within the indicator calculation period. This is then plotted as an oscillator in the indicator pane. Psychological indicator works like other oscillators. Rising indicator line indicates up trend and falling indicator line implies down trend. Indicator values above 70 can be considered overbought and values below 30 can be taken as oversold. When the indicator remains in the higher extreme levels, it means the market is trending upward with strength.

SDL MAM - VertexFX Indicator

SDL MAM is a trend detection indicator. It uses the close open relationship of each bar over a period of 20 bars and the deviations from a moving average to estimate the trend direction. SDL MAM plots the indicator line in a new pane. Green indicator line implies uptrend and red indicator line implies down trend. The SDL MAM indicator is responsive to short term price changes; thus it can produce whip saw trades. It is better used with other indicators for confirmation.

SM ADX - VertexFX Indicator

SM ADX indicator uses T3 adaptive smoothing in ADX calculations. This makes the Average Directional Index, ADX, more responsive to price. The SM ADX indicator consist the Average Directional Index (ADX), Minus Directional Index (-DI) and Plus Directional Index (+DI). These represent a group of directional movement indicators that form a trading system. ADX (light green line) measures trend strength without regard to trend direction. The other two indicators, +DI (yellow green line) and -DI (wheat color line) complement the ADX by defining trend direction. Used together, chartists can determine both the direction and strength of the trend.
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