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Forex Trading Laboratory

GMMA Long - VertexFX

Guppy Multiple Moving Average – Long is Client Side VTL Indicator. Guppy Multiple Moving Averages (GMMA) Long is used to identify the long term trend in the instrument. It is a set of six exponential moving averages of period 30, 35, 40, 45, 50 and 60. When all the moving averages are sloping upward, a long term uptrend is in place and in a down trend, all the six moving averages slope downward.

Gimmee Bars - VertexFX

Gimmee Bars is a Client Side VTL indicator. Gimmee Bar is a price action reversal candle formation. When price trades above or below the Bollinger bands and immediately closes within the Bollinger bands, it is a Gimmee bar setup. Entry point is when price breaks the high or low of the Gimmee Bar. This is a powerful price action trading strategy.

Vlado - VertexFX Server Side EA

Vlado is a server side VTL expert adviser. The EA runs on the server auto trading even if the client terminal is closed. This is a unique feature available in VertexFX. Vlado EA is based on Williams percent R indicator. Williams %R is an oscillator, showing overbought oversold market conditions. It oscillates between 0 and -100. %R readings above -50 indicates uptrend and reading below -50 indicates down trend.
A long term Williams %R is used in the Vlado EA. The system open Buy trade when %R is cross above -50 levels and open sell position when %R goes below -50 level. Thus the EA trades long term trend reversal using Williams %R indicator. Position sizing is based on a percentage of account capital risked on each trade.

Graal Cross - VertexFX Server Side EA

Graal Cross is a server side VTL expert adviser. The EA is based on exponential moving average cross over and momentum at the time of EMA cross over. The momentum filter eliminates many false cross overs or whip saws associated with normal EMA cross over strategies. The trading system rules are:
1 Buy when fast EMA cross above slow EMA and momentum is positive.
2 Sell when fast EMA cross below slow EMA and momentum is negative.
3 Apply a stop loss and take profit to open positions.

Full Damp - VertexFX EA

Full Damp is a VertexFX server side VTL expert adviser. The EA runs on the server auto trading irrespective of the fact the client terminal is connected to server or not. This is a very nice feature available in VertexFX. The EA trades price reversal after extreme price moves in chart. It uses the Bollinger Bands and RSI indicator to open trades. Extreme price move is identified by the Bollinger bands, price above/below Bollinger bands third standard deviation is taken as extreme price moves. Then it checks if the RSI was in overbought or oversold level in any of the last 6 bars. These two conditions identify an extreme price moves. Then when price closes within the Bollinger band second standard deviation, price reversal after the extreme is confirmed and position is opened.

iKvant Levels - VertexFX

iKvant Levels is a Client Side VTL indicator. It is a support resistance level indicator. The level is calculated from the price range in last 5 bars. The calculation is based on the highest high and lowest low of last 5 bars and the high and low of each bar in this 5 bar range. The indicator plots these levels on the candle chart. iKvant levels can be used as support resistance levels as well as a trend filter.
Price trading above the iKvant level indicates an uptrend and price trading below iKvant level indicates down trend. This level can be used for breakout trading. Falling iKvant levels indicate that the overall trend is down and rising iKvant level indicates the overall trend is upward. These levels can be used as stop loss with other trading strategies.

Candles Ratio - VertexFX Client Side Indicator

Candles Ratio is a Client Side VertexFX VTL indicator. Candles Ratio indicator plots the ratio of the candle body for the last 20 bars. The ratio is calculated by taking the open close relationship of candles. The up close candle body sizes are summed for the last 20 bars and also the down candle body sizes are summed for the last 20 bars. Then the sum of the body size of up candles is divided by the sum of the body size of down candles to get the candles ratio indicator. The indicator is plotted as line below the candle chart.

ATR VTL - VertexFX Client Side Indicator

ATR VTLS is a VertexFX client side VTL indicator. It is similar to the Average True Range Indicator (ATR), but it splits the true range of a bar into bullish and bearish ranges. The bullish range is calculated by taking the difference between high and open of the bar. Bearish range is calculated as the difference between open and low of a bar. Then it calculates the bullish and bearish Average True Range and plots the bullish ATR as green line and bearish ATR as red line. ATR is a measure of underlying volatility in the market. Bullish ATR line shows the volatility of upward price moves and Bearish ATR line shows the volatility of downward price moves.
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