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Forex Trading Laboratory

Spyker Indicator - VertexFX


Spyker is a VertexFX client cide VTL Indicator, that identifies sudden price jumps or spike bars in a chart.

The price spikes happens usually at the end of trends or on breakout price moves. The silver color indicator line plots the price spikes of each bar. When the indicator sharply jumps to an extreme level above zero, an upward spike bar is identified. When the indicator falls sharply below the zero level, a downward spike bar is identified.

Extreme readings in the indicator picks the spike bars. The golden colored line is the average of the spike range of each bar, and it can be used as middle line to identify upward and downward price jumps.

SMCCI - VertexFX


SMCCI is an improved moving average that shows the trend direction. It uses advanced smoothing techniques to achive a better moving average, eliminating usual problems associated with moving averages, like lag and whip-saws.

SMCCI is less responsive to false price moves and captures the overall trend direction. Price above the SMCCI line indicates up trend and price below the line indicates down trend.

Stochastic Momentum Index - VertexFX


Stochastic Momentum Index (SMI) is a more refined version of the stochastic oscillator. It uses

a wider range of values for the oscillator calculation and have higher sensitivity to closing


SMI calculates the distance of the current closing price as it relates to the median of the

high/low range of price. SMI oscillates between the range +100 and -100. The SMI is primarily

used to identify overbought or oversold market conditions in the market. When SMI value reaches

extreme levels, the market is usually in overbought or oversold condition.

It can also be used a general trend indicator, values above 40 as indicative of a bullish trend

Polarized Fractal Efficiency - VertexFX


Polarized fractal efficiency (PFE) is a VertexFX Client Side VTL Indicator. PFE indicator measures the efficiency of price movement and its values oscillates between -1 and +1.

PFE value above zero indicates upward price move and value below zero indicate downward price move. Polarized fractal efficiency is used to anticipate trend changes. The price move reaches maximum efficiency when PFE reading reaches +1 or -1. Extreme PFE reading near -1 indicates the possibility of down trend ending, and extreme values near +1 indicates uptrend is ending. Thus PFE can be used to develop counter trend trading strategies.

Correlation Ratio - VertexFX


Correlation ratio (corr indicator) measures the most recent price movement against price movement in the same period in the historical data.It compares price move in last few price bars defined by the parameter "corrLen" against the historical data and plots the correlation ratio.

Correlation ratio values falls within the range zero to one. Extreme values in the correlation ratio indicates significant deviation from usual price moves in the asset. It is a statistical measure, not a technical indicator. However in trading, when correlation ratio reaches an extreme level, price reversal or consolidation is anticipated.

What is Your Advantage?

When you trade, you need to understand. What is your advantage?. You should always use your advantage to get a maximum profit. The advantage of volume analysis that you see, prices not only in two-dimensional form (opening and closing of bars), but also in three-dimensional form. The third dimension is the volume.
Look at the bar chart. We just see hourly bars. What can we say about this? Almost nothing.
Now look at the same picture in Cluster Profile with volumes. It clearly shows there are accumulation of volume at the bottom from which the price has gone up.

Trading from Volume Area

Hi Traders,
if correctly indicate the levels of volume, they are good reference points for the next trading day. Please see attach examples.

Qualified RSI EA


Qualified R S I is a Server Side VTL Expert Adviser. It is based on the Relative Strength Indicator, RSI. The tradings system uses the RSI to identify over bought and over sold market conditions and open counter trend trades. RSI remaining at higher levels indicate overbought market conditions. RSI remaining below 45 level indicates oversold market conditions. The EA examines this situation and open counter trend trades. The trading system rules are:

Buy When RSI is below 45 level for the last 12 bars.

Sell when RSI is above 55 level for the last 12 bars.

Close positions when fixed stoploss or trailing stoploss is hit.

Moving Average Sample EA


Moving Average Sample Expert Adviser is a server side VTL expert Adviser. The EA demonstrates the position sizing and trading system coding in VertexFX VTL. The EA open Buy position when price close above a 12 period moving average displaced by 6 bars. It closes Buy position and open sell position when the price close below the displaced moving average. The position size is two percent of the capital available.

Forex Profit System


Forex Profit System is a Server Side VertexFX Expert Adviser. The EA is based on three exponential moving averages and the parabolic stop and reverse indicator. The trading system rules are:

1. Buy when the ten period exponential moving average cross above 50 period exponential moving average and ten period exponential moving average is above 25 period exponential moving average and stop and reverse is in buy mode.

2. Sell when EMA 10 cross below EMA 50 and EMA 10 is below EMA 25 and SAR is in sell mode.

4. Exit the trade when either fixed stop-loss, trailing stop loss or fixed target is hit.

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