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Newbie Forex Questions

Hoping some of you experienced forex guys can answer some basic questions. I've been trading futures for years and enjoy that, but just curious about forex and whether or not it would be a good fit for me.

Some questions...
1) Tell me about forex trading. I've read horror stories of bucket shops and such. How do you avoid this?
2) I like volume, esp Volume Based Charts. Is there anyway to translate that to forex since it's not trading centrally?
3) I've read that forex can trend more in comparison to indexes. Do you find this true? If so, how often would you say that a trend can go?
4) Assuming it does trend more, is it better to swing trade here or is it possible to daytrade. I've also read that brokers can 'get mad' or 'blackball' you if you trade too quickly.
5) How about during econ news... I've read that the spreads can get ridiculous.
6) What's a good charting platform?
7) How does leverage work here? I understand futures, but have read about 'mini' accounts and such in forex, so not sure.
8) Who are stable, recommended brokers?
9) What else should I know?

I appreciate the help guys. Just looking to satisfy my curiosity.