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Volume Delta Analysis Thread

I want to dedicate this thread to a study of Volume Delta. Delta is still a relatively new study to me so please add your input freely.

Quick Intro to Volume Indicators

Below is a list of TS indicators created by the members of the forum:

1. Volume Delta created by Walterw
2. Volume Delta Oscillator created by Walterw
3. Up/Down Volume Indicator created by Blu-Ray
4. Market Delta Footprint created by Ant
5. Bid-Ask Tape Indicator created by Insideday

The indicators above show an interesting way of viewing bid vs ask per price bar. Instead of just a simple volume histogram, it shows whether the buyers or sellers are in control and can be very useful in analyzing supply vs demand as price approaches a key pivot or support and resistance level.

I am currently using the Volume Delta created by Walterw, so I will be referring to it for my charts. What I want to accomplish is to design new strategies based on delta. Perhaps combining other tools to help decide turning points in the market and to create filter/rules for each delta based setup. I will be looking forward to various inputs from traders.

My setups and strategies are still in the beta phase where I am still testing out different methods. But I would like to go over one observation I found interesting. It is a combination of the TTM Heikin-Ashi Indicator and the Volume Delta. I am interested in price behavior as it reaches a key pivot such as daily pivots, previous day low/high, 50% fib retracement, VAL, VAH, and POC.

Let's take a look at the first example. The chart below uses a 50-61.8% fibonacci retracement clustered up with a daily pivot (PP). In combination with the fibs and PP, I am interested in using delta to further help me enter a position. The example shows a color divergence between the TTM Heikin-Ashi and Volume Delta. Notice the blue TTM vs a red on top Volume Delta. This shows price advancement but with seller dominance.

The second example below from Jan. 31st, 2007 requires further analysis. Its a fairly interesting chart with a combination of delta and volume analysis. Notice the first group of arrows. This shows the first half hour of choppy trading using the Value high pivot as support. Notice the several TTM and Volume Delta color divergence. Next, notice the increase in volume with the uptrend showing confirmation. The pullback occurs on less volume. Also notice the TTM and Volume Delta color divergence as price pulls back. Then an increase in volume again for a continuation of the rally.

Very interesting examples of Volume Delta in action. I understand that some of you use Oscillators for Delta to look for divergences. Please add your input on this. My aim here is to really dig deeper into Delta and how we can all design trading setups that will put the odds in our favor. Thanks