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Free Forex Charts for your Website or Blog!

Add Forex Charts to your Website or Blog with our easy to use Chart API.

Simply add a small piece of code to your webpage where you want a forex chart to appear.

Feel free to edit any of the options to customize the chart size, colors, interval etc.

It is appreciated if you leave the link to ForexGoer intact (we check from time to time)

 <script type="text/javascript">
  fxch_zoom = 8;
  fxch_width = 500;
  fxch_height = 250;
  fxch_symbol = 'EURUSD';
  fxch_interval = 3600;
  fxch_bg_color = 'FFFFFF';
  fxch_color_up = '3DCF0F';
  fxch_color_down = 'A12A2A';
  fxch_x_grid_color = 'F0F0F0';
  fxch_y_grid_color = 'ADB5C7';
  fxch_x_axis_color = '818D9D';
  fxch_y_axis_color = '164166';
  fxch_x_label_color = '164166';
  fxch_y_label_color = '164166';
  fxch_show_options = '1';
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<span id="ch_credits"><a href="" target="_blank">powered by Forex Goer - The Active Trading Portal.</a></span>