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South Korean Producer Price Index

The South Korean CPI for January came in softer than the prior month at 3.4% vs. 4.3%

BRC Shop Prices

The BRC Shop Price Index in the UK grew in January at a 1.4% pace over the prior year, slower than the prior month which grew at 1.7%a clip year over yer.

Japan’s Trade Balance

Japan’s Trade Balance in December again came in as deficit, while the Adjusted Current Account Total grew. The Yen weakened following the release moving back toward the 77 handle.

  • Trade Balance – Survey:-135B   Actual:-145B   Prior:-585B
  • Current Acct Total – Survey:340B   Actual:303B   Prior:138B
  • Adj. Current Acct Total – Survey:625B   Actual:752B   Prior:480B

US Nonfarm Payrolls Surge, Unemployment Rate Down to 8.3%

Change in Nonfarm Payrolls:   Survey:  140K     Actual:  243K    Prior:  200K      Revision: 203K

Change in Private Payrolls:  Survey: 160K    Actual: 257K     Prior:  212K     Revised: 220K

Change in Manufacturing Payrolls:  Survey: 13K   Actual:  50K   Prior:  23K     Revised:  32K

Unemployment Rate:  Survey:  8.5%     Actual: 8.3%     Prior:  8.5%      

Avg Hourly Earning (MoM) All Emp:    Survey:  0.2%     Actual: 0.2%      Prior:  0.2%         

EU’s Rehn on the Wires


  • Euro governance to be determined this year
  • Closer economic union to complement monetary union
  • Recession to be ‘much nastier’ if crisis not resolved
  • EU going through a ‘mild recession’
  • EU undertaking reformation of Europe’
  • Portugal making ‘good progress’ on fiscal reforms
  • Greek PSI agreement by the end of the week
  • Greece must make ‘decisive progress’ on reforms


Jobless Claims Data Improves

Jobless Claims:  Survey:  371K    Actual: 367K   Prior: 377K    Revised:  379K   

Continuing Claims:  Survey: 3535K    Actual:  3437K    Prior:3554K   Revised: 3567K

EUR/USD moves higher on the news

Nonfarm Productivity:    Survey: 0.8%    Actual:  0.7%    Prior:  2.3%     Revised: 1.9%

Unit Labor Costs:    Survey:   0.8%    Actual:  1.2%    Prior:  -2.5%  Revised: -2.1%

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