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Gold at Risk on Fed Outlook But Bank Crisis May Interfere

At first blush, the landscape looks treacherous for gold prices in the fourth quarter. Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen all but promised an interest rate hike at the press conference following September’s FOMC meeting.

Oil Market Looks to Benefit From First OPEC Output Cut in 8 Years

The Oil Market failed to follow through to the upside last forward and carry forward what was an impressive rebound in Q2 that saw the price rise from the February 11 low of $26.03/bbl to a high of $50.91/bbl in June.

Japanese Yen Poised to Gain Further For Three Key Reasons

The Japanese Yen heads into the end of 2016 trading near multi-year highs versus the US Dollar, and economic developments suggest the JPY may finally break the ¥100 level before the year is through.

Picking Up Pennies in Front of the Steamroller

The Federal Reserve wants to raise interest rates. At this point, that much should be clear. But this doesn’t come without costs, or risks, and the premise of removing years’ worth of accommodation and easing has produced a real quagmire of a situation at the world’s largest national Central Bank.

EUR/USD Coil Grows Tighter as Central Banks, Politicians Face Credibility Deficit

2016 started with a ‘whimper' for EUR/USD, but as we head into Q4’16, it may very-well end with a ‘bang.’

Dollar, S&P 500 and Oil Start New Week, Quarter With Tenuous Range

We closed out the week, month and quarter with the same uneasy quiet that persisted throughout the period.

Critical Technical and Sentiment Breaks in the Fourth Quarter

We have closed out one of the quietest quarters on recent record.

FX Technical Weekly: Don’t Get Caught Fading the Next EUR/USD Move

There are a number of quarterly chart observations that deserve mention as we into October, including the implications from Q3 EUR/USD range size and a USD/CHF symmetry that encompasses 31 years.

Yuan Enters SDR - Why its Reserve Currency Status Matters to Traders?

The Yuan has officially been inducted into the IMF’s SDR basket. The Yuan’s rise as a global currency is not only important to China but may also provide more opportunities for global investors.

China’s Market News: PBOC Releases New Policy Targets at 3Q Meeting

Amid the increasing risk of price bubbles in Chinese financial markets, China’s Central Bank sets new policy targets.

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