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Forex Market Outlook 10/20/11

By Mike Conlon, on Oct 20, 2011

This morning all eyes are on Athens where the Greek rioters are protesting against further austerity measures which are to be voted to ensure that Greece is taking the steps necessary to continue the bailout discussion. The Troika will be reporting the economic state of affairs in Greece but so far the sentiment has been that that was Greece has done is insufficient to date.

Bobbys Corner-Open Market-April.20.2011

bob-slade-forex-trading-3-150x200Good Morning:

Risk took center stage in overnight FX markets.  Euro was strong after a robust Spanish bond auction-and positive flows from Asia.
Aussie was the main attraction-as the AUD/USD pair rose to a new post float high of 1.0685.  The GBP took a back seat as dovish comments from the BOE showed that interest rates may not be rising any time soon.
The JPY lost some ground-as commodities and equity markets gained overnight.

Bobbys Corner-Open Market-Oct.14.2010

bob-slade-forex-trading-8-150x200Good Morning:

I am writing again from Kuwait-and we will be heading to Qatar at the end of the week.

Bobbys Corner-Open Market-Oct.13.2010

bob-slade-forex-2-150x200Good Morning:

I am writing to you from the Middle East Traders Expo in Kuwait City, Kuwait

The USD and JPY gave up some ground in overnight trading as the FED announced that they will start a new round of quantitative easing in November.  The FED is focused on doing all they can to sustain the US economy through a policy of monetary easing and this policy will continue to add to the downward pressure on the greenback.
The Aussie rose as positive consumer confidence down-under pushed the Aussie close to it’s record high.

Bobbys Corner-Open Market-Sept.1.2010

bob-slade-forex-trading-3-150x200Good Morning:

The USD and JPY fell versus all major counterparts, as data from China showed that manufacturing is expanding.  This caused investors to seek higher-yielding assets.
The Aussie rose as data showed that their economy grew by the fastest pace in over 3 years.
Today we have data on the growth of US manufacturing, and the data is expected to be disappointing.
On another note-The Swedish krona rose as data from this Scandinavian country showed that manufacturing expanded for the 15th month in a row.

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