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US Jobless Claims Released Better Than Expectations

Jobless Claims:  Survey:  395K    Actual: 381K   Prior: 402K    Revised:  404K   

Continuing Claims:  Survey: 3700K    Actual:  3583K    Prior: 3740K  Revised: K

EUR/USD Trading Higher on the news.

Canada Housing Starts Lower at 181.1K

Canada Housing Starts:   Survey: 200.0K   Actual: 181.K  Prior: 207.6K   Revised:  208.8

USD/CAD stays flat on the news.

US Data Falls

Manufacturing Composite:  Survey: 53.8   Actual: 52.0   Prior: 52.9

Factory Orders:    Survey: -0.3%   Actual: 0.4%   Prior: 0.3%   Revised: -0.1%

Unemployment Level Drops to 8.6%, Jobless Claims Weaker Then Expectations

Change in Nonfarm Payrolls:   Survey:  125K     Actual:  120K    Prior:  80K      Revision: 100K

Change in Private Payrolls:  Survey: 150K    Actual: 140K     Prior:  104K     Revised: 117K

Change in Manufacturing Payrolls:  Survey: 9K   Actual:  2K   Prior:  5K     Revised: 6K

Unemployment Rate:  Survey:  9.0%     Actual:  8.6%     Prior:  9.0%

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