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Canada Wholesale Sales Show Positive Swing

Wholesale Sales:   Survey: 0.1%   Actual: 0.9%  Prior: 0.3%   Revised: 0.5%

USD/CAD stays flat on the news.

ECB’s Juncker on the Wires:


  • He ‘thinks’ EU will meet deadline for IMF loans
  • Eurogroup may meet next week on crisis
  • To decide today on possible Eurogroup meeting
  • Hasn’t spoken with Weidmann on IMF loan package
  • Taking with Luxembourg central bank on IMF loans
  • ‘Too soon’ to discuss details of fiscal compact
  • Expects EU to meet deadline on channeling loans to IMF



Industral Production Slides, Capacity Utilization Stays Put

Industrial Production Price Index (MoM):    Survey:  0.1%    Actual: -0.2%    Prior: 0.7%   Revised: 0.0%

Capacity Utilization:   Survey: 77.8%   Actual: 77.8%   Prior: 77.8%  Revised:  78.0%

US Advanced Retail Sales Fall to 0.2%

Advance Retail Sales:  Survey:   0.6%   Actual:  0.2%   Prior:   0.5%    Revised:   0.6%

Retail Sales Less Autos:  Survey:  0.4%    Actual:  0.2%     Prior:  0.6%      

Retail Sales Ex Autos & Gas:   Survey:  0.4%    Actual:  0.2%   Prior: 0.7%

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