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EU’s Barroso on the Wires


  • Urges ‘swift’ national passage or Euro rescue measures
  • Rapid EU passage of economic governance laws
  • Financial transaction tax will be ‘key instrument’

Fed Minutes Recap

  • any new accommodation hinges on future economy
  • accommodation may be ‘appropriate before long’
  • members expected growth to pick up gradually in 2011
  • weighed targeting path for level of nominal GDP
  • reviewed best means to calibrate asset purchases
  • said jobs mismatch pushed up unemployment rate
  • agreed output, employment rising only slowly
  • said economy unlikely to re-enter recession
  • low household, business confidence curb growth
  • credit problems appeared to have mostly peaked
  • saw inflation expectations had changed little
  • saw clear communication important to any easing

IMF on the Newswires

  • says Italy’s economy set for ‘gradual recovery’
  • says Italy has ‘high public debt’ and ‘low income growth’
  • says Italy’s banks weathered crisis ‘relatively well’
  • Italian banks may face ‘number of chalenges’ medium term
  • board urges Italy to strengthen banks capital
  • says Italy recovery to be ‘gradual’ banks face challenges

State of the Economy, Dollar & Gold & How Main Street can Benefit

As you all know, I recently published an article that talked about the state of the U.S. economy and that it may be in the “beginning’ stage of an economic recovery.

I talked about the valuable indicator of copper and why it leads the way and tells you that the economy will recover long before the “nightly news” or even analysts tell you.

Today, another site that I highly regard, also talked about the importance of copper in leading the way to an economic recovery. Daily Wealth gave this checklist for an economic recovery.

TheTrue WealthScript for Economic Recovery

• Investment-grade corporate bonds rally first,
• then stocks rally. Around the same time,
• the price of copper recovers.

Economy Recovering? This Indicator Seems to Think So!

You know, when an economy does start to recover, it’s not widely known at the time. In fact, the news will still be as full of “gloom and doom” as ever even when it starts.

So you won’t know when the economy is turning by listening to the nightly news. So what can you look to?

Well, here is one widely watched economic barometer that institutional investors have used throughout the years. What is it? Copper

Now you may think, “What in the world does the price of copper tell us about the economy?”

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