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Eurozone Unemployment Slight Rise, Year over Year CPI Stays the Same

EUR Unemployment:  Survey:  9.9%   Actual: 10.0%    Prior:  9.9%   Revised: 10.0%

Moody’s Places Italy on Review for Downgrade

Moody’s places Italys AA2 ratings on review for possible downgrade.

Ireland’s Noonan on the Wires


  • Irish debt level ‘very high’
  • Irish growth to remain subdued
  • Markets will determine how much we can borrow
  • Irish debt is ’sustainable’
  • Comparisons with Greece ‘false’
  • Not in the same category as Greece, Portugal
  • ‘Things are better than on track’ so far this year
  • ‘So far, so good’ on fiscal deficit this year

Eurozone PMI Figures Stay According to Forecast, Current Account Drops Hard


Current Account:  Survey: -2.30B     Actual: -7.20B    Prior:  -0.70B    

Eurozone PMI Manufacturing:   Survey:  57.0     Actual: 57.7    Prior: 57.6    

Eurozone PMI Services:    Survey: 56.9     Actual:  56.9   Prior: 57.2

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