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Forex News

IMF on the Wires Regarding Irelands Future

Beaumont says:

  • Risks on high side for Ireland
  • Estimates Ireland needs 14 billion in market funding in 2013
  • ‘Sufficient’ Irish market return in 2013 uncertain
  • Irish debt sustainability ‘remains fragile’
  • Irish economy faces great struggles
  • ‘Lot of consensus’ among troika on Anglo Irish notes
  • Anticipates no impact from treaty campaign on program
  • Urges enhanced support for Ireland from Europe

Canada GDP Grows to 0.4%

Domestic Product (MoM):   Survey: 0.3%  Actual:  0.4%   Prior: -0.1  

Gross Domestic Product (YoY):  Survey: 1.9%  Actual: 1.8%   Prior: 3.5%  Revised:  4.2

Japan’s Unemployment & Inflation Report

Unemployment came in higher than expected and is the norm the market has had no reaction to this report.

  • Jobless Rate – Survey:4.5%   Actual:4.6%   Prior:4.6%
  • Job-to-App Ratio – Survey:0.72   Actual:0.73   Prior:0.71
  • Household Spending – Survey:-0.9%   Actual:-2.3%   Prior:0.5%

Deflation persisted in January, however the  CPI came in less deflationary than expected.

  • National CPI (YoY) – Survey:-0.1%   Actual:0.1%   Prior:-0.2%
  • National CPI ex Food/Energy (YoY) – Survey:-1.1%   Actual:0.9%   Prior:-1.1%

South Korean CPI

The Consumer Price Index came in as expected, with the Core number coming in with a softer reading than the prior month. The details are as follows:

  • CPI (MoM) – Survey:0.4%   Actual:0.4%   Prior:0.5%
  • CPI (YoY) – Survey:3.1%   Actual:3.1%   Prior:3.4%
  • Core CPI (YoY) – Actual:2.5%   Prior:3.2%

US Jobless Claims Improve as Personal Income and Spending Drop

Jobless Claims:  Survey:  355K    Actual: 351K   Prior: 351K    Revised:  353K   

Continuing Claims:  Survey: 3418K    Actual:  3402K    Prior: 3392K   Revised: 3404K

Personal Income:   Survey: 0.4%     Actual:  0.3%    Prior:  0.5%   

Personal Spending:   Survey: 0.4%    Actual: 0.2%  Prior: 0.0% 

PCE Deflator:    Survey: 2.3%  Actual:  2.4%   Prior: 2.4%  Revsied: 2.5%

PCE Core(MoM):     Survey: 0.2%   Actual:  0.2%    Prior: 0.2%   Revsied:  0.1%

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