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Forex News

Aussie Private Capital Expenditure

Weaker Private Capital Expenditure out of Australia for the 4th quarter has put some pressure on the Aussie coming in down -0.3% vs. the expectation of +3.8%. Also released weaker than expected were Building Approvals for January.

South Korean Trade Balance (in USD$)

Exports outperformed in South Korea in February producing a larger Trade Balance surplus than expected. The markets have been quiet and ranging early in Asia after a volatile NY session.

  • Trade Balance – Survey:1250M   Actual:2198M   Prior:-1957M
  • Exports (YoY) – Survey:16.4%   Actual:22.7%   Prior:-6.6%
  • Imports (YoY) – Survey:20.9%   Actual:23.6%   Prior:3.6%

GDP and Personal Consumption Both Higher

(Annualized):   Survey: 2.8%   Actual: 3.0%   Prior: 2.8%  

Personal Consumption:   Survey: 2.0%   Actual: 2.1%   Prior: 2.0%  

GDP Price Index:   Survey: 0.4%   Actual:  0.9%   Prior: 0.4%  

Core PCE QoQ:   Survey: 1.1%   Actual: 1.3%   Prior: 1.1%

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